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If you understand the basics of cooking and the reason why you cook ingredients in different ways, it will give you the confidence to tackle any recipe in any cook book.


The Dudwell School Recipe Book includes enough skills and ideas so that you can cook something for any occasion, from a student chilli supper to a grand dinner party. 


You will learn how to make pastry, bread and numerous sauces.  You will be able to joint a chicken, fillet a fish and ice a cake beautifully.  You will cook with spices and unusual ingredients, and be able to make souffles and macarons.  You will be able to make slow cooked dishes and perfect hamburgers.  But, most importantly, we hope you will learn to really enjoy cooking.


The Recipe Book also contains a wealth of other tips and tricks, including notes on making sour dough, roasting all different kinds of meat and game, as well as more general information on presentation, gelatine, preparing seafood, sugar work and using yeast.


As you will see from the picture above, the book is also designed - unlike many! - to be easily useable in the kitchen, with a wipe-clean cover and metal ring bindings, so you are easily able to keep it open at the recipe you're using.


If you would like to buy a copy of the book, please email us or get in touch via our Contact page - the current retail price is £20.00.




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