Dudwell Cookery School
Dudwell Cookery School

Virtual Tour

We are delighted that we are now able to give you a virtual tour of our school, below.


The navigation is similar to that of Google Street View, with circular "pucks" which can be clicked on to navigate your way through our kitchens, dining area, bedrooms and bathrooms.  You can also see the gardens, tennis court and swimming pool, which will be at your disposal during the course, if you navigate outside the main school building.  The scroll wheel on the mouse will allow you to zoom in and out.  Keyboard arrow keys may also be used for navigation, rather than your mouse.


Along with the 3D tour, a floor plan and "dolls-house" view are also available, which show the layout of the school building - see bottom left of the tour to click between these views as desired.  In the floor plan and dolls-house views, you may also click on the separate pucks which will take you outside and allow you to see more of the garden and facilities using the "360" function.


Click on the pedestrian icon at any time to return to the 3D tour.  We hope you enjoy looking around the school.

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